Real DJ’s?

Dj 2 001

It seems that everyday I’m reading about people criticizing this or that DJ about being real, or that he or she doesn’t have any real skill. With the amount of negativity I’ve been seeing, it got me thinking about what is the root cause. The DJ industry has been flooded with DJ’s in recent years due to cheaper equipment and music, easier access to music, better marketing tools available, and a plethora of YouTube tutorials.

Other trends have gone through similar surges; Hip Hop MC’ing, Producing, Break Dancing, Mix Martial Arts, and Sport are just a few. Sure there are some DJ’s that are better than others, and yes there are some “DJ’s” that get bookings as DJ’s based off of other skills/talents/metrics. By why the negativity and hate in our community? And yes, it is a community!

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Conditioning your listeners

Hilltop DJ


I’ve been at it for a couple weeks now, and I’m just now starting to see the difference in my crowd. Djing for a bar that’s trying to change its image can be quite difficult. The club/bar I took over for was almost 100% Rap, not Hip Hop, but Rap. (Yes, there is a difference) While I do not have an issue with Rap, the club was looking for a more diverse crowd and Rap tends to have a following that scares off the more mainstream of customers.

While I still don’t have the idealistic dance club (Miami style), I have been able to bring in a variety of music that was lacking before (Top 40, Hip Hop, EDM, Latin). The customers seem to appreciate it and for the most part people keep coming back to drink and dance. Something I’ve learned, is that you will not make 100% of the people happy. Its too difficult when mixing for such a diverse group.

Tales From Dj Hell…


I have to post about this stuff, it seems like this is happening more and more.

As I’m Djing for an open format crowd (Rock-Pop-Hip Hop-Country), I have this guy come up and starts to tell me songs he wants played. Instead of just telling me what song he wants, he pulls out his iPhone and loads the track into whatever dj APP he has. The album cover then begins to spin round and round, and he’s expecting me to 1. Be impressed by his App, 2. he’s expecting me to read whatever it is he wants played. I tell him I can read that crap if its spinning around, obviously hurting his feelings.

Now as I’m transitioning from the Wobble to the Watermelon Crawl, he then begins to give me advice on how to mix. “You gotta blend it! Real Dj’s be syncin that stuff up. I DJ too ya know! I usually use my iPhone, I’m bout to drop some on some tables soon though.”

As I try to tell him that syncing a BPM of 128 to a BPM of 97 is not advisable, he then tells me that I just don’t understand how to DJ. He also begins to tell me that he uses his software to sync and blend, and that it does it automatically, and he doesn’t understand how I don’t know how to do that.

At this point the conversation is over…

Reggae Night?


Reggae night is postponed. My luck sucks soooo bad right now

So, out of the blue I get approached to do a reggae night. Its not my genre, but that’s what djing is; Stepping outside your comfort zone. We’ll see if I can get a practice mix up on here before the big night.

Coming soon to a club near you..



Nothing biting yet, this is gonna be harder than I thought. I’m not giving up on this, I’m going to find a way!

Visited Club Loca in Daegu last night and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Working the details out to spin this venue as we speak.